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10x less variability
We analyze a 5x larger sample area than manual CBCs. Effectively, a clinical pathologist is looking at every single slide you send us. With Moichor, you have the fastest growing annotated dataset in veterinary hematology.
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lowest price CBCs
By automating time intensive processes, we can pass on savings to you. And with no contracts or commitments, you’ll only ever pay for the tests you need.
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<24 hr turnaround
(for hematology)
By harnessing automation, we’re able to manage high-throughput processing quickly and efficiently. For hematology that means results in under 24 hours.
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Customer Service
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customer support
With Moichor, you’ll always have a direct line to a person. And with complimentary pathology reports, complimentary consultation with a Board Certified Clinical Pathologist and on-demand access to pathology, we’re here to make sure you always have the answers and help you need.

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Why Dr. Ritzman Switched to Moichor

Why Dr. Ritzman Switched to Moichor

The study took place at Breton Village Animal Clinic, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr. Ritzman’s current affiliation is with Griffin Exotics, Kannapolis, North Carolina.

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Why Dr. Speer started using Moichor

Why Dr. Speer started using Moichor

Despite the chronic backlog of 100 emails that plague his email inbox, Dr. Speer said he always keeps a sharp eye out for potentially exciting projects that flutter in, seemingly out of the blue.

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"We have nothing but positive things to say about this lab! The quality of results and the lab reports we get are excellent. The technology they are working with is cutting edge and helping us improve the quality of care for our patients. If you have a question they are always available, and if you have questions about a case, their pathologist will talk with you personally and get back to you quickly. We've been very impressed!"

DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Reptile & Amphibian)
Stacey Leonatti Wilkinson

"Before working with Moichor, we had been performing virtually all of our avian and reptile hematology in-house. Moichor has saved us an enormous amount of time in processing and evaluating blood films. In paired samples, our cell counts are remarkably close to those from Moichor, but we come nowhere close to Moichor’s precision and accuracy. The detailed path reviews have consistently provided us with invaluable clinical insight we might have missed otherwise. I can’t possibly see going back to doing avian and reptile hematology the way we used to!"

Lauren Powers

"I've done CBCs in-house since 1992, and enjoy avian hematology; however, we've become too busy to continue taking the time to read our own non-urgent CBC's. We're really excited about Moichor as results match what we expect, and reports include photos of pathologic findings. This has also become a great teaching tool for out team."

DVM, DABVP-Avian, ECM; DECZM-Small Mammal
Angela M. Lennox

“We have put our algorithm through an accelerated 3-year residency in veterinary clinical pathology with a focus on avian and reptile hematology. The model has seen 30,000+ examples of different cells. This allows for consistent results and ever-increasing accuracy as the training dataset grows. “The fact that we’re amassing all these common bird and reptile species at a high rate and imaging them quickly means we have more data than I’ve been exposed to in my entire career as a specialist in exotic species. And we’ve done that in two months.”

Kyle Webb