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About Us


Precision and Access

At Moichor, we are driven by a vision that every animal has access to the highest quality diagnostics. To achieve this, Moichor has harnessed cutting edge technology to bring advances in precision and low costs.

Join us, to build the next generation of animal diagnostics so that every animal has the greatest opportunity to live a vibrant and healthy life.

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Reimagining  diagnostics

Moichor harnesses computer vision and AI to achieve results only made possible by high throughput image capture technology.

Born from a simple idea about how CBCs could be improved, Moichor has grown to offer a full suite of veterinary diagnostic solutions. Its groundbreaking automated CBC for avian and exotic species was the starting point for the company.

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Redefining the goals

Moichor is driving advancements in the automation of microscopy and its applications of computer vision and artificial intelligence that will enable reference ranges for species that were not previously possible.


No Contracts or Commitments

We want to earn your trust. That’s why with Moichor, there are no contracts and no minimums. Send us your hardest cases, and we will prove to you that Moichor provides the best service of any lab.  We’re always just a phone call away.

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Join Our Team

We believe the veterinary diagnostics industry is ripe for disruption, and we’re building the technology to do it. Join us and be a part of the change. Visit our jobs page

Shevy Karbasi

CEO | Co-founder

Thanh Le

CTO | Co-founder

Matthew Chen

COO | Co-founder

Kaori Davis

DVM, PhD, DACVP (Dual Board Certified Anatomic and Clinical Pathology) | Director of Pathology

Bianca Murphy

DVM, DABVP (Avian Practice) | Director of Clinical Medicine

Carly Paul

Director of Laboratory Operations

Michael Parenti

Head of Sales

David Stone-Resneck

Head of Marketing

Carl Castro

Assistant Lab Manager

Matthew Bradshaw

Diagnostics Sales Specialist

Elyssa Dimaano

Quality Assurance Specialist

Carrera Halwachs

Regional Diagnostics Sales Manager

Antonio "Ari" Iaccarino

M.Ed. | Senior Content Marketing Manager

Our Story

Moichor co-founders, Shevy Karbasi, Matt Chen, and Thanh met at Penn State University. They were initially driven by the idea of making CBCs more accessible for people like Shevy’s grandfather, who couldn’t easily travel to an outpatient center.

As they continued to explore automating CBCs they learned about the many diagnostic challenges avian and reptile clinicians face as a result of outdated methods for processing bloodwork.

Seeing a clear opportunity to create a meaningful impact by addressing these issues of subjectivity and high-costs associated with manual methods, they pivoted their efforts to focus on veterinary diagnostics. They founded Moichor to commercialize their CBC automation software for animal use, where it would make the greatest impact.

Since then, the team has continued to grow based on a shared belief that every pet, pet owner, and vet deserves easy access to the best diagnostic tools science can provide.