What is Moichor?

Moichor is an animal diagnostics laboratory devoted to enhancing veterinarians’ work through incredibly accurate technology. Our pathologists, engineers, and in-house veterinarians drive innovation using artificial intelligence, computer vision, and the experienced eyes of a devoted team of medical professionals. 

In 2020 we invented the first automated CBC for exotics, and since then our services have grown to include small animals, cytology, and many more. We serve every region in the United States and accept samples from every animal.

Beyond our ability to offer a full suite of veterinary diagnostic solutions, our team is devoted to developing the world’s largest species-specific reference interval library so that every patient receives the most individualized pathology possible.

No veterinary contracts or commitments are required to use Moichor — join us in our mission to improve veterinary diagnostics and expand the field’s knowledge of animal pathology.

Transparent pricing

Veterinary diagnostics should only help uncover mysteries, not create them. That’s why you have direct access to our quick reference guide with pricing for all of our services. No contracts required — just a shared passion for animal health. 

Pathology review included with every sample

Optimize your workflow automatically as Moichor includes a pathology review with every sample you send to our laboratory. Your patients will benefit from this combination of advanced technology and qualified human validation.

Uncover more clinically significant findings

Moichor has found clinically significant findings in up to 20% of wellness CBCs using our AI-assisted cell morphology assessment and pathology reviews.

Free consultations

Need more help with a case? Request a free pathology or clinical consultation with your sample. Moichor has a variety of specialists on staff who can help you and other veterinarians with your most specific patient. 

Shipping is always included

Any price you see in our quick reference guide or other testing service includes shipping. We’ll send you the supplies and boxes needed to collect and send samples to our laboratory. 

How does the Moichor artificial intelligence work?

This may seem counterintuitive, but the AI kind of works the way budding pathologists do — learn a large amount of data, attempt to identify cells, and update knowledge as appropriate. You can read more here, and every sample sent to Moichor is verified by a human pathologist. 

Meet Our Clinical Team

Moichor’s innovation is guided by veterinarians, pathologists, and researchers dedicated to animal medicine. Learn more about our leadership team. 

Kaori Davis

DVM, PhD, DACVP (Dual Board-Certified Anatomic and Clinical Pathology), Director of Pathology

Bianca Murphy

DVM, DABVP (Avian Practice), Director of Clinical Medicine

Rand Wilson

BS, DVM, DACVP, MRCVS, RCVS, Director of Clinical Pathology

Our Story

Matthew Chen

COO | Co-Founder

Thahn Le

CTO | Co-Founder

Shevy Karbasi

CEO | Co-Founder

The origins of Moichor do not begin with animals but rather humans. Co-founders Shevy Karbasi, Matt Chen, and Thanh Le met at Penn State University and were initially driven by the idea of making CBCs more accessible for people like Shevy's grandfather who couldn't easily travel to an outpatient center.

As they explored automating CBCs, they learned about the many diagnostic challenges avian and reptile clinicians faced as a result of outdated methods for processing bloodwork.

Seeing a clear opportunity to create a meaningful impact by addressing the issues of subjectivity and high-costs associated with manual methods, they pivoted their efforts to focus on veterinary diagnostics.

The team successfully innovated the first automated CBC for exotics, and since then the co-founders have continued to grow Moichor based on a shared belief that every veterinarian deserves easy access to the best diagnostic tools science can provide.

Why the name "Moichor"?

Moichor is a combination of two Greek mythological names.


A group of goddesses in Greek mythology called the Moirai or the Fates are noted as being in charge of every life’s thread while making sure each being follows its destined trajectory. Moichor wouldn’t go so far as to say we’re the keepers of every animal’s life, but we do follow the thread of health through animal diagnostics and help veterinarians make sure their patients’ wellbeing are accounted for. 


Ichor is the name of the blood Greek gods possess in mythology. Although pets and animals may not be as omnipotent in our lives as the Greek gods of old were, our patients’ health is of omnipresent importance, and we honor them along with our roots of innovating automated CBCs.

Moirai + Ichor = Moichor