Customer story

How Moichor Brought Specialty Diagnostic Capacity to Millbrae Pet Hospital


Dr. Magrey, DVM


Pet Hospital

Customer story

How Moichor Brought Specialty Diagnostic Capacity to Millbrae Pet Hospital


Dr. Magrey, DVM


Pet Hospital

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Located at the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, Millbrae Pet Hospital is an independent practice focused on providing high-quality care for pets. With two dedicated veterinarians, Dr. Magrey and Dr. Mishra, the clinic may be small when compared to large hospitals but punches above its weight when it comes to clinical excellence and innovative solutions.

However, when Dr. Magrey first came in contact with Moichor, he was the only veterinarian, and being a single-doctor, independently-owned clinic presented with specific challenges, including limited diagnostic capacities and ambiguity regarding when a pathology review was necessary. Moichor’s contract-free diagnostics services with built-in pathology reviews was the very solution Dr. Magrey needed to help his clinic grow and continue to service existing patients.

Opportunities and Challenges

Limited In-house Diagnostic Capacity 

Millbrae Pet Hospital’s efficiency is one of its most critical attributes, especially when Millbrae was a one-vet operation. With that in mind, Dr. Magrey outsources diagnostics whenever possible to get the most value from his team. “It’s more important that the vet techs are patient-facing rather than being behind closed doors working lab samples, especially for wellness checks,” Dr. Magrey said.  

High Costs

Negotiating prices with large corporate reference labs is challenging, and it can be difficult to get the pricing that larger clinics can negotiate with higher volume. Dr. Magrey needed the large-clinic pricing without having the usual qualifying volume. “Fundamentally the test is the same whether the sample comes from Millbrae or somewhere else, so I needed a diagnostics provider that understood this and wasn’t trying to leverage business tactics,” Dr. Magrey said when referencing pricing.

Complexity in pathology review ordering

Determining who gets a pathology review and who doesn’t can be both expensive and time-consuming. Dr. Magrey needed a solution that covered both expected and unexpected findings, something a path review has the potential capacity to do. “Ideally we wanted every patient to get the maximum diagnostics services possible without worrying owners about the cost, but no laboratory to my knowledge ever included pathology reviews.”

How Moichor Expanded Millbrae Pet Hospital’s Diagnostic Offerings

Moichor was able to offer two key services that Dr. Magrey had not yet seen: bundling and pathology reviews for every sample with the help of Moichor’s artificial-intelligence-assisted laboratory. “Being able to order species-specific bundles that cover a variety of health parameters essentially meant I was able to offer more diagnostic services to patients’ owners; it’s a lot easier to convince owners that a bundle for an efficient price covers not just a limited health scope but a whole swath of other factors that could shed light on lingering questions,” Dr. Magrey said when asked about bundling. 

The other service that upgraded Millbrae Pet Hospital’s offering was Moichor's AI-assisted lab services which enable a pathology review with every sample. Because the Moichor AI enhances the efficiency of complete blood counts (CBCs) and other testing, more of pathologists’ time can be spent on pathology reviews rather than locating and labeling individual objects. 

“When Moichor said every sample includes a pathology review from a human eye, that made me feel confident that I wasn’t just signing on to tech for the sake of tech but rather an overall better diagnostics service for my patients,” Dr. Magrey said.

Millbrae no longer needs to decide which patients get pathology reviews, and the animal bundling ensures more tests are provided to patients. The result of this was more diagnostic accuracy leading to precise treatments and better health outcomes for Millbrae Pet Hospital patients.

How Moichor Saved Millbrae Pet Hospital Time and Money

Since Moichor offers competitive pricing with no contract needed, Millbrae Pet Hospital is able to get great pricing without ever worrying about hitting contract minimums. Those same affordable bundles mentioned earlier even resulted in monthly savings of over $2,000 for the hospital. Beyond diagnostics savings, Dr. Magrey cites that the overall process is just simpler: “I know I’m getting the path review from the start, and that simplifies my workflow immensely." 

Staff report having more time to focus on other important duties because of this simpler workflow, and the result is more time saved. And because pathology reviews arrive simultaneously with pathology results, Dr. Magrey noted that his team has been able to help sicker patients more quickly.

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How Moichor Keeps Pricing Low for Millbrae Pet Hospital

Moichor offers affordable, cost-effective reference lab services thanks to its AI software designed to assist pathologists. By automating the most labor-intensive components of the pathology process, Moichor allows pathologists to focus on the most complex aspects, thereby improving efficiency and reducing costs.

The results of Moichor’s integration into Millbrae Pet Hospital’s diagnostics processes were significant: Millbrae Pet Hospital was able to provide better care for its patients and achieve substantial cost savings thanks to Moichor’s artificial intelligence. Dr. Magrey could focus on what mattered most — providing excellent care for his patients and secure in the knowledge that his diagnostic capabilities were state-of-the-art and cost-effective.

“I know I’m getting the path review from the start, and that simplifies my workflow immensely."

Dr. Magrey

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