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Our automated process requires little sample preparation and becomes more accurate as we update our models. Veterinarians will no longer second guess themselves and patients will receive the level of care they deserve.

Our launch in January 2020 is tailored for avian species. Clinics will send us blood samples using our shipping materials and we will provide them accurate CBC results in 24 hours or less.

We aim to introduce microfluidics for sample prep automation and ultimately develop a point of care machine that leverages smart imaging algorithms for avian, reptile, equestrian, canine, and feline species.

How is this all possible?

Using Our
AI: Hyperion.

Hyperion is constantly learning. With more samples comes better accuracy, improved diagnosis predictability, and access to a wider range of species. Hyperion eliminates maintenance calibration and reagent/stain costs. We also emphasize that Hyperion introduces automated fail-safes to ensure results are given with high accuracy.

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Your Results.

Your experience is important to us. With veterinarians in mind, we are developing an easy-to-use patient management system to display cell counts, standardized ranges, personal base values, and predictive diagnosis in the future.

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