Never manually count or send away avian and reptile blood samples again. Our smart imaging AI, trained by distinguished veterinarian pathologists, allows us to create a point of care complete blood count machine for reptile and avian species with accurate results.



Our top priority is developing standards for blood cell counts from healthy patients. Our R&D is working side by side with various well known academic vet med programs to accomplish our goal in moving avian and reptile medicine forward.


Our microfluidic technology requires only 7 to 10 micrometers of blood. This eliminates the need to buy reagents and stains, making it safer and more cost effective in your clinic.

Artificial Intelligence

Our well trained AI allows for more than just blood counts. With more samples, the software not only becomes more accurate, but also opens up doors for predictive detection and morphology analysis.

Patient Portal

Our patient portal makes it easy to organize and analyze patient results. Blood smears and past history can be found in the portal for each patient, helping better diagnose the patient in need.