Portability is not about being practical …

…it’s about the things it enables you to do


Family is more important when getting treatment

Imagine not worrying about blood test results and quickly getting in and out of chemotherapy in 3 hours or less. We believe chemotherapy patients should spend more time with family and less time sitting in clinic after clinic.



“911 what’s your emergency?” 

Advance life support readily draws 3 vials of blood for each trauma case call. Blood testing starts only when the EMS truck reaches the hospital.  

Imagine if your blood test results could get to the hospital before you do. Doctors on call would know the problem before you reach the ER.


A dog is a man’s best friend—Cat ladies are cool too

We know your pets are important. After the age of 6 your pet is required to get a CBC test during every vet visit. This lets the veterinarian know what your furry friend is going through. 

Imagine if you could perform a CBC test on your pet with ease. This would let the vet know the health of your dog/cat weekly. Ultimately, personalizing your pets health data.