Treatment revolves around you

Accurate CBC testing in 60 seconds or less sent to you and your primary care— a game changer for physicians and patients. 


How it works


1. Simply place one of our microfluidic

chip into our case.

Our attatchment can be easily removed before or after tests allowing you to go about your day using your phone as need be.


2. Prick your finger using My Genteel’s pain free lancer.

My Genteel uses a vacuum technology to not only decrease the pain, but also to pull the blood out without introducing any contaminations.


3. Place a drop of blood onto the chip and hit go, that’s it.

Our secure AI software does the rest giving you and your physician the results in 60 seconds or less.


Safe and secure data

Our AI software runs in Amazon’s HIPAA compliant AWS cloud to make sure no data is compromised.

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Automated blood cell counters have existed for over 70 years, but the technology to make it portable and personalized has only recently been accepted by the FDA. We’re combining past technologies with new AI software into a breakthrough new design, giving patients practicality and physicians more accurate results.


(Prototype subject to change)