Everything You Need To Know

Shevy, Matt, Steve, and Thanh began working on Moichor in college. The project was originally intended to create a solution for chemo patients like Shevy's grandfather who couldn't travel to blood labs for pre-treatment tests. When we discovered our tech was needed in veterinary medicine we moved to California and founded Moichor.

The name Moichor [moi-kohr] is a portmanteau of two greek mythologies. Moirai are the three sisters of fate and Ichor is the blood of the gods and goddesses. Together Moirai + Ichor represent our dedication to determining the health of our patients via blood.

The team excels at Cellular/microbiology, machine learning, microfluidics, and marketing. They are working with universities, private clinics, and advisors to close the knowledge gaps needed to launch researched-backed products for clinics.

Shevy Karbasiafshar
CEO | Co-Founder
Matt Chen
Hardware R&D | Co-Founder
Thanh Le
Machine Learning | Co-Founder
Steve Flanagan
CX | Co-Founder